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Fast Food: Pros and Cons

Many people choose to eat fast food because of busy work, to save time and convenience, and the taste of fast food is also good, although the street fast food restaurants are always overcrowded, but, the raw materials of fast food may harm our health, so it is better to eat less fast food.

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What are the disadvantages of eating fast food?

Fast food is more likely to cause mental distress and the more you eat, the more likely you are to feel depressed, according to Spanish scientists. Many people will question the research of scientists. Is eating fast food really so harmful?

The Story of Fast Food

The American director's name is Morgan Spurlock. Over the course of a month, he traveled to more than 20 states, interviewing doctors, health consultants, chefs and consumers to explore the relationship between health and fast food.

He ate all McDonald's food and drinks three times a day and had a cardiologist, gastrologist and clinician record his changes in the state of his body systems over the course of a month. At the start of the trial, Morgan weighed 84 kilograms and was healthy, with all indicators normal. But after only three days, he began to feel very ill.

After five days, he had gained three kilograms. Doctors found that his liver had been damaged. Two weeks later, Morgan had gained eight kilograms, his cholesterol had gone up dramatically, and his blood pressure had gone up to 90/150.

The doctor advised him to stop, but he gritted his teeth and carried on. About three weeks later, his heart began to break down. By the end of the month-long experience, Morgan had gained 12kg, was not functioning properly and went straight to the hospital. The doctor said it would be several months before he made a full recovery.

His experience was made into a documentary, "Super Size Me", which won the 24th Sundance Film Festival documentary in 2004.

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