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Christmas Shopping Sale Poster

German Christmas advertisement that touched millions of people!

Grandfather starts to keep fit on the eve of Christmas. At the end of the movie, the meaning of Christmas is revealed.

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Doc Morris, a German drugmaker, recently launched a 2-minute, 55-second Christmas TV commercial that depicts the meaning of Christmas from a grandfather's point of view. The advert was produced by advertising agency Jung Von Matt/Saga.

In the ad, an old man flips a rusty old kettlebell out of the warehouse and stands in front of a mysterious photo every day for a morning bell-raising exercise.

Such day after day of practice, and indeed got results, the old man from the beginning can barely bend over to drag the kettlebell out of the warehouse, to later can not be red-faced holding up the kettlebell for deep squatting, the tone became strong and clear, wearing a suit, more spirit. Just what prompted Grandpa to be so active?

It turned out that at Christmas, he wished he could hold his dear granddaughter and put stars on top of the Christmas tree. Since the launch of the ad, the cumulative number of views on the Internet has exceeded 12 million, as well as many positive comments from netizens.

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15 - 25 December

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