Graphic Exhibition Poster Artistic 3-Colour Graphic Design Poster

Graphic Exhibition Poster

Graphic design, also known as visual communication design, takes "vision" as a way of communication and expression, creates and combines symbols, pictures and words through various ways, so as to make a visual expression to convey ideas or information.

Education Illustration template: Graphic Design Illustration (Created by Scenarios's Education Illustration maker)

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Graphic designers may use professional skills in typesetting, visual art, page layout, computer software, etc. to achieve the goal of creative plan. " In short, visual design is the expression of ideas or information by visual elements, and the work of visual designers is to use various ways to complete the visual expression.

Graphic design involves a wide range of fields, such as logo design, packaging design, poster and other publicity materials design.

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Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px


DATE 18/7

TIME 9am - 6 pm

The trend of the new graphic design

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