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What is National Park? A national park is a piece of land that was set aside by a country's government for conservation. A sovereign state frequently proclaims or possesses a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed territory. Have you ever been to a National Park and appreciated the beauty of nature?

This is a postcard template designed for environmental protection. It is a simple and neat postcard design for promoting National Park. In this postcard, an image of a forest is designed as the photo background of the postcard that suits the theme of the National Park. Some texts related to environmental sustainability are also designed on the postcard. This design was created through Visual Paradigm Online. In VP Online, you can freely use images as a design background. Thousand of images from the photo library are provided for you to design. You can use your images from the device too.

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Postkarten Template Specifications:
Diese Postkartenvorlage kann in jeder Hinsicht vollständig an Ihre Wünsche angepasst werden: Inhalt, Farben, Hintergründe, Designblöcke usw.
Dominant Color
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