ArchiMate Diagram Example: Implementation and Migration


This ArchiMate diagram example gives an overview of an architecture project by presenting the high level architecture components involved and the result of gap analysis. Such a diagram relates architecture work packages to the related technology and application components. Besides, it uses different color code to shows the result of gap analysis. For instance, green for components that has to be added, red for components that has to be removed and blue for components that are not affected and will have no changes.

Use this ArchiMate diagram template as a starting point to create your own, or click Create Blank to start from scratch.

What is ArchiMate Diagram?

ArchiMate is a popular open standard from the Open Group related to enterprise architecture modeling which includes simply and yet powerful visual notation to support descriptions, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across the enterprise architecture domains. With this integrated representation convention, ArchiMate helps evaluate the impact of changes within multiple architecture domains and enables different stakeholders to communicate the enterprise architecture being developed effectively and with ease.

Why ArchiMate?

Organizations need to adapt increasingly quickly and anticipate changing customer requirements and business goals. This need influences the entire chain of activities of a business, from the organizational structure to the network infrastructure. How can you control the impact of these changes? ArchiMate and TOGAF ADM framework may be the answer.

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