ArchiMate Diagram Example: Incident Management Motivation Model


This ArchiMate example demonstrates how ArchiMate can be used to model the motivation model for ITIL incident management. The ArchiMate stakeholders, ArchiMate drivers, ArchiMate ArchiMate assessments, ArchiMate goals and ArchiMate requirements are arranged from top to bottom.

This ArchiMate diagram example and template can be edited with Visual Paradigm Online, an online diagramming software. Click Use this Template to edit, or click Create Blank to create a new one.

What is ArchiMate Diagram?

ArchiMate is a popular open standard from the Open Group related to enterprise architecture modeling which includes simply and yet powerful visual notation to support descriptions, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across the enterprise architecture domains. With this integrated representation convention, ArchiMate helps evaluate the impact of changes within multiple architecture domains and enables different stakeholders to communicate the enterprise architecture being developed effectively and with ease.

Why ArchiMate?

Architecture is a consistent whole of principles, methods and models that are used in the design and realization of organizational structure, business processes, information systems, and infrastructure. However, every domain speaks its own language, draws its own models, and uses its own techniques and tools. Communication and decision making across domains is seriously impaired. How can you manage the impact of these challenges? ArchiMate and TOGAF ADM framework may be the answer.

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