ArchiMate Diagram Example: Requirement Realization


The requirements realization viewpoint allows the designer to model the realization of requirements by the core elements, such as business actors, business services, business processes, application services, application components, etc. Typically, the requirements result from the goal refinement viewpoint.

If you just need to create an ArchiMate diagram, you can start with this diagram template or create one from blank.

What is ArchiMate Diagram?

ArchiMate is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture. It will complements with TOGAF, although it is not dependent on TOGAF. ArchiMate offers architects a notation methodology for describing, analyzing, and visualizing relationships among entities in business, data, application, and technology domains. ArchiMate can also be used to support other modeling languages, such as UML for software development and BPMN for business process modeling.

Why ArchiMate?

ArchiMate helps to develop an organizations Enterprise Architecture. Here are some of the key benefits of the framework includes:

  • One of the most important benefit of ArchiMate to the worldwide community of architects is that it provides a common language for all stakeholders for discussing methods, practices, and solutions much more effectively.
  • ArchiMate is actively maintained and updated by the Open Group. The latest developments and ideas in Enterprise Architecture are taken into consideration and the ArchiMate framework is continually being enhanced.
  • ArchiMate is well complement with the TOGAF ADM content framework, viewpoints and other reference materials which provide a rich collection of resources, guidelines and heuristics which provides us almost everything you need for EA development.

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