Data Flow Diagram Example: Customer Service System (Railway Company)


Data flow diagrams are widely used in presenting the transmission of data within a system. This is a data flow diagram template for customer service system. It consists of 4 processes, 2 external entities and 4 data stores. The flow of data is represented by connectors between these dfd shapes.

To edit this data flow diagram template, simply click on Use this Template, then adjust the DFD to your liking. Alternatively, click Create Blank to draw your DFD from scratch.

What is Data Flow Diagram?

Data flow diagrams are also known as bubble charts. It is often used as a preliminary step to create an overview of the system without going into great detail, which can later be elaborated as top-down decomposition manner. A DFD shows what kind of information will be input to and output from the system, how the data will be flowed through the system, and where the data will be stored. Unlike a traditional structured flowchart, it does not show information about process timing or whether processes will operate in sequence or in parallel.

Why Data Flow Diagram (DFD)?

When it comes to conveying how information data flows through systems and how that data is transformed from process to be stored in the data stores, data flow diagrams are the method of choice over textual descriptions for the following reasons.

  1. The simple visual representation of Data flow diagrams are easier to understand by technical and nontechnical stakeholders
  2. DFDs can provide a high level system overview, complete with boundaries and connections to other systems
  3. DFDs can provide drill-down mechanism by multi-leveling of DFDs through top-down decomposition techniques.

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