Data Flow Diagram Example: Vehicle Maintenance Depot


Data flow diagrams can be used to depict the flow of information under a problem domain. For instance, this is a data flow diagram for vehicle maintenance depot system. It's a level 1 DFD decomposed from the context DFD. In this DFD, you can clearly see the processes, external entities and data stores involved in the system, and how data flow between these components.

Use this Data Flow Diagram (DFD) template to get started building your own. Customize the DFD to reflect the data flow of your system. Click Use this Template to start.

What is Data Flow Diagram?

Data flow diagrams are visual representations of how data will move within an information system such as, how data will move into a process, what will happen to it while it is there, how and where the data will emerge or its output, and where the changed data will be stored. Data flow diagrams can either be used to design and model new requirements, or to visualize existing systems for improvement or problem fixing. Many people confuse data flow diagrams with flow charts that show steps in a process. Keep in mind that a flow chart does not identify the inputs, the functions, or storage.

Purpose of Data Flow Diagram

DFDs help visualize a current system or one that may be necessary to meet new requirements. Software developers prefer working with DFDs, particularly when they require a clear understanding of the boundary between the existing systems and the scope new or extended part of the system.

DFDs represent the following:

  1. External devices sending and receiving data
  2. Processes that change that data
  3. Data flows themselves
  4. Data storage locations

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