Floor Plan Example: Simlpe House Design


This is a simple floor plan example for home design. You can freely edit it to create your own floor plan. Click Use this Template to customize it. Add furniture, walls, doors, windows, rooms and other floor plan shapes from Visual Paradigm Online's large collection of floor plan libraries.

What is Floor Plan?

A floor plan is an architectural drawing showing the spatial layout of a building. It is a scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building viewed from above. It usually shows the measurements (called dimension lines) for how long things are in real life, such as, length of windows, the distances from walls to windows, and so on. Floor plans may be drafted to scale, which means reducing the size of a drawing so the whole plan can fit on a piece of paper.

How to Draw Floor Plan?

  1. Partition a floor into multiple zones such as, living room, dinning room, store room, bedroom, corridor, toilet and etc.
  2. Compute the ratio of the scale in the floor plan against the actual size.
  3. Consider if the partition of the zones is reasonable for serving the purposes. Adjust and reorganize the zones between actually proceed into detailed design
  4. Try to fit components for each zone to verify whether logical and reasonable. Be consider also the thickness of walls, Movable area of windows and doors that would affect the usage of a given zone.
  5. Place walls, doors and rooms
  6. Place Fixture and furniture and appliances

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