Flowchart Example: Should I Bring an Umbrella?


This example show how a person decides whether he/she should bring an umbrella when living home. This simple diagram demonstrates the uses decisions and processes.

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What is Flowchart?

The flowchart is a means of visually presenting the flow of data through an information processing systems, the operations performed within the system and the sequence in which they are performed. Flowcharts provide a overview of the structure and sequence of activities or actions to be performed. Elements are represented by simple icons (circles, rectangles, diamonds, or other shapes), with lines and arrows representing connections between events and the order in which they occur. A flowchart indicates sequences and decision points as well as the start and end points. Since it is easier to grasp relationships in a visual form than in a verbal description, flowcharts can prevent the omission of steps in a process. Flowcharts are particularly useful for instructional designers who are novice or occasional programmers.

Usage of Flowchart?

Flowchart is one of the most widely-used diagram in our day-to-day life and here is just a few examples listed as follows:

  • Project Planning - Flowcharts are especially useful in mapping out a new project. Sequences in a project having an order of steps and accompanying decisions are best visually shown by a flowchart.
  • Process Documentation - Having a reference in doing a process makes it easier to replicate results and have the same preferred results every time. This is also important in developing improvements in the process
  • Workflow Management - Integration of a process would be easier as setting standard procedures for processes achieves a consistent and quality desired result.

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