Mind Map Diagram Example: Project Management (Template)


Project Management is really a big thing. No matter which project management methodology or process your adopted, there are always tons of phases and processes you need to go over in order to manage your project effectively. Building a mind map for project management can help you keep track of it all and ensure all the team members clearly understands the project objectives, their roles and responsibilities. Try this mind map template now. Edit it and make it become the project management plan for your team.

What is Mind Map?

Mind Maps are a powerful graphic technique that can be applied to all aspects of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance performance and effectiveness. It is a non-linear way of organizing information and a technique that allows capture of the natural flow of ideas. Mind Maps can be used by individuals or by groups for brainstorming process to perform things ranging from: simple tasks, such as writing a memo; or complex tasks, such as getting a shared perspective of a complex project.

Benefits of mind map

The benefits of mind mapping are many and varied. In summary they include:

  • Create a mind maps is fun and interesting process
  • Permits users to highlight and review key points easily and quickly in visual representation
  • Facilitate recall, as the mapping of ideas mirrors the way the brain works
  • Provide a more attractive and enjoyable to look up and remember.

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