Network Diagram Example: Server Network Diagram Template


A server network diagram presents the interactions between servers and clients in a visual map. You draw server network diagrams to optimize your network and to keep track of the components of the network. It also helps you resolve problems as they arise.

Easily map out your network using this server network diagram template. Click Use this Template to start. No prior registration needed.

What is Network Diagram?

A network diagram visualizes the structure of networking devices under a domain. It shows the devices involved in a network (e.g. routers, hubs, firewalls, etc) and how they interact with each other.

How to draw a Network Diagram?

Want to create a network diagram? Try Visual Paradigm, a top-rated online diagramming software that features all the network diagram tool, symbols, examples and templates you needed.

  1. Create a Network Diagram.
  2. Form your network diagram with symbols like router, computer, firewall, etc. Select the symbols from palette and put them on the canvas. Connect them with proper connector lines.
  3. Save your finished work (File > Save as) to our cloud repository for future access. You can also export your work into image (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, etc) and share it with your co-workers.

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