Sequence Diagram Example: Branching with opt and alt


A sequence diagram is a UML model that describes how objects collaborate with each other over time. Here is a sequence diagram template that shows how opt and alt fragments can be used in an interaction.

To edit this sequence diagram template, simply click on Use this Template, then adjust the sequence diagram to your liking. Alternatively, click Create Blank to draw your sequence diagram from scratch.

What is Sequence Diagram?

A sequence diagram is a visual model describing how groups of objects collaborate in some behavior over time by capturing the behavior of a scenario of a use case. It shows objects and the messages that are passed between these objects for the particular collaboration.

Which behavior diagram should you choose?

  1. You should use sequence diagrams when you want to look at the behavior of several objects within a single use case.
  2. If you want to look at the behavior of a single object across many use cases, use a state diagram.
  3. If you want to look at behavior across many use cases or many threads, consider an activity diagram.

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