Sequence Diagram Example: Alternative Combined Fragment


A sequence diagram is a collection of objects interacting to accomplish a given task. This sequence diagram template shows how alternative combined fragment can be used in modeling if-the-else scenarios.

To edit this sequence diagram template, simply click on Use this Template. Afterwards, you'll be able to add and remove actors and lifelines to your liking.

What is Sequence Diagram?

Sequence diagrams, a kind of Interaction diagrams that capture the interaction between objects in the context of a collaboration. A sequence diagram shows the order of the interaction visually by using the vertical axis of the diagram to represent time what messages are sent and when. It is typically used to model a single scenario of a use case of a system.

Key Elements in Sequence Diagram

  1. Actors are represented by human symbol
  2. Objects are represented by rectangles
  3. Classes are represented by columns
  4. Messages are represented by arrows
  5. Activations are represented by narrow rectangles
  6. Lifelines are represented by dashed lines

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