State Machine Diagram Example: Orthogonal State


Orthogonal state is a kind of state machine. Here is an orthogonal state template that partitions a number of states into two parts.

Use this state machine diagram template to get started building your own. Customize the state diagram to reflect your state machine. Click Use this Template to start.

What is State Machine Diagram?

State machine designs are widely used for sequential control logic, which forms the core of many digital systems in a variety of applications covering a broad range of performance and complexity from software system like: use case or classes, or hardware digital devices like: low-level controls of micro-processor to VLSI peripheral interfaces. State machine diagram typically is used to model the possible states of a system or entities, show how state transitions occur as a consequence of events, and depict what behavior the system or object exhibits in each state.

Why state machines?

  • State machines are formally defined, they form executable models.
  • State machines can be visualized as diagrams and animated through simulators without writing any code.
  • You can simulate, test, debug state diagram as a virtual machine for a problem, for example, was the door locked with a card or a code?

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