Broadcasting System Use Case Diagram

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Organizing Use Cases with Packages

Packages in the Unified Modeling Language are used to group elements and provide namespaces for the grouped elements. A package can contain other packages, thus providing a hierarchical organization of packages.

Almost all UML elements can be grouped into packages. Thus, classes, objects, use cases, components, nodes, node instances, etc. can be organized into packages (as shown in this example), thus making the organization of the myriad elements contained in a real-world UML model more manageable.

A use case diagram is a graphical depiction of the possible user interactions with a system. A use case diagram shows the various use cases and different types of users of the system and is often accompanied by other types of diagrams.

A use case consists of a sequence of possible interactions between a system and a user in a specific environment related to a specific goal. Use cases are represented by circles or ellipses. Actors are usually represented by sticks.

This example shows you how use cases can be grouped into packages that represent the main functions of the broadcast system.

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