Use Case Diagram Example: Software Development

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The Elements of Use Case Diagram

Use case diagrams are very simple in nature, describing two types of elements: Let's take a closer look at what constitutes a use case diagram.

Actor portrays any entity (or entities) that perform certain roles in a given system. The different roles the actor represents are the actual business roles of users in a given system. 

Use case in a use case diagram is a visual representation of a distinct business functionality in a system.

System boundary defines the scope of what a system will be. A system cannot have infinite functionality. So, it follows that use cases also need to have definitive limits defined. 

Relationships - there are 5 relationships in a Use Case Diagram they are

  • Association between Use Case and a Actor

  • Generalization between Actors

  • Generalization between Use Cases

  • Include Relationship between Use Cases

  • Extend Relationship between Use Cases

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