Plantillas de gráficos Marimekko

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Plantillas de gráficos Marimekko

Marimekko chart is a type of stacked chart that combines a stacked bar chart and a 100% stacked bar chart. It displays the distribution of different variables and the percentage of each variable, and it's useful for visualizing and analyzing categorical data. The Marimekko chart is also known as a mosaic plot, matrix chart, or mekko chart.

The Marimekko chart is different from other charts in that it provides a clear picture of the distribution of data across multiple variables and shows the relationship between them. It's especially useful for showing the market share of different categories across different segments or regions. For example, a Marimekko chart can be used to display the market share of different smartphone brands across different age groups and income levels.

In Visual Paradigm Online, you can use the online chart maker to create Marimekko charts easily and quickly.Define the categorical variables that you want to display and then set the width and height of the chart based on the data. You can customize the colors, labels, and legend to make the chart more visually appealing and informative. The template library also provides many examples of Marimekko charts that you can use as a starting point for your own charts. Try it now and present your work in an attractive way!

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