Plantillas de diagramas Sankey

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Plantillas de diagramas Sankey

Sankey diagram is a type of flow diagram that shows the movement of data or materials through a system. They are often used in engineering, economics, and environmental studies to visualize the flow of energy, money, or materials. Sankey diagrams consist of nodes, which represent the various stages or components of the system, and links, which represent the flow of materials or information between the nodes. The width of the links is proportional to the quantity of materials or information that is flowing through them, making it easy to see where the majority of the flow is occurring.

One of the advantages of Sankey diagrams is that they can quickly reveal patterns and bottlenecks in a system. By visualizing the flow of data or materials, it becomes easier to see where there are inefficiencies or where improvements could be made. Sankey diagrams can also be used to show the impact of changes to the system, allowing analysts to test different scenarios and predict how they will affect the overall flow.

We can easily create the diagram using VP Online Chart Maker, which provides a range of options for adjusting the appearance of the diagram. You can change the colors and fonts used in the diagram, as well as customizing the tooltip on the diagram to display the details clearly. VP Online template library also provides a wide range of pre-made Sankey diagram templates, which can be customized to fit the your needs. Start your creation now!

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