Plantillas de Gráficos Semi-Doughnut

Ilustre sus datos con plantillas de diagramas de semirrosquilla bellamente diseñadas.

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Plantillas de gráficos de semi-donuts

Semi-doughnut charts, also known as half-doughnut charts, are similar to doughnut charts but only display a half circle. The other half of the circle is typically blank or used for labels. The main difference between a semi-doughnut chart and a regular doughnut chart is the amount of data that can be displayed. Doughnut charts typically have a larger space in the middle, which can limit the amount of data that can be shown, while semi-doughnut charts have a wider space to display data, allowing for more information to be presented.

Semi-doughnut charts are commonly used in situations where a full doughnut chart would take up too much space, but there is still a need to show data as a proportion of a whole. For example, they can be used to represent sales data for different products or services in a company, or to show the distribution of a budget across different departments. The semi-doughnut chart is a visually appealing and effective way to display such data in a compact format.

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