Plantillas de gráficos de líneas apiladas

Ilustra tus datos con plantillas de gráficos de líneas apiladas de bonito diseño

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Plantillas de gráficos de líneas apiladas

A stacked line chart is a type of chart that is used to display changes in data over time, with each data series stacked on top of each other. It is similar to a stacked area chart, but instead of filling the area between the lines, it displays the lines themselves stacked on top of each other.

Stacked line charts are useful for displaying trends in data over time, and can be used in a variety of contexts such as sales data, financial data, and website analytics. They allow the viewer to see how different data sets change over time, as well as how each data set contributes to the overall trend.

Customizing a stacked line chart with VP Online Chart Maker is easy and intuitive. You can adjust the colors and fonts to match your branding or presentation needs, as well as add custom titles and labels. It also provides a library of templates to help you get started quickly and easily, with options for different styles and color schemes. When finished, you can export your stacked line charts as various file formats, and then use the chart in a variety of ways, such as in presentations, reports, or on websites. Try it now!

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