Showcasing your eBooks in a beautiful bookshelf

Upload MOBI eBooks with one click. Display your books through a beautiful bookshelf! A lot of decoration objects are available to make your bookshelf cool and unique. You and your readers can also share the bookshelf or the books inside to your friends!

Turn your MOBI eBook into beautiful online flipbook

Have you ever wondered how to convert a MOBI eBook into a flipbook? Or how to read a PDF document as if you are reading a flip book? These are the flipbook examples that show you how to turn MOBI eBook into a digital flipbook with amazing reading experience. You can also make use of Visual Paradigm's MOBI flipbook maker to convert and share your document privately with specific people, or publicly with everyone.


Seamless flipping book

Create mobile friendly flipbook and share with your audiences on any devices: PC, MacOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet, and more.


Organize books with bookshelf

Build your digital library by organizing your digital publications with bookshelves. You can customize the appearance of the shelf to fit your need.


Easily share your flipbook

Convert any MOBI eBook to flipbook, publish it online and, and get a link of your Flipbook to share publicly or privately

Converting any MOBI eBook to online flipbook

Looking for a way to convert MOBI eBook to flipbooks online? Flipbooks are an effective way to display and share MOBI eBooks as digital eBooks, catalogs, brochures, reports, newsletter, photo books, portfolios, presentation, and Visual Paradigm Online is the best flipbook maker that allows you to turn your PDF into online flipbook in seconds, without any upfront payment or prior learning.

Each online flipbook converted from your PDF will look professional and engaging with a realistic page-flip effect. To create a digital flipbook, upload your MOBI, and you will get a link of your flipbook to share with your audience or to publish on your preferred social medias. Piece of cake!

How to convert your MOBI eBook to a flipbook

Follow this 3 simple steps to create an online flipbook from MOBI eBook with just a few clicks:

  • 1. Upload the MOBI eBook you want to convert to a flipbook

    Drag-and-drop your MOBI file on our platform and click "Next" to begin conversion.

  • 2. Publish your online flipbook

    Publish your digital MOBI flipbook to our website, either publicly or privately, as your own choice.

  • 3. Share your digital publication

    Display your catalog on social networks or send it via email to share it with your targeted audience.

Key benefits

Increase reach

Visual Paradigm is trusted by companies of Fortune 500. Ready to connect with millions of target users?

Online bookshelves

Catalog your publications with beautiful bookshelves. You can personalize the shelf with custom theme and style.


Supported on different browsers and devices with auto adjusted size of books and bookshelves.

Flipbook editor

An online design tool to create your publications. It packs the most advanced features in a simple drag and drop interface.

Public vs Private sharing

Let your publication accessible by the public, or get a URL to share your book with family, coworkers and friends.

Download PDF

Convert a flipbook to PDF, the global standard for reliably viewing, printing, signing and commenting.

Frequently asked questions

A flipbook is an online publication that has the look and feel of a real, page-turning publication. Because digital flipbooks look and feel exactly like a printed publication with pages that can be flipped and turned, they are gradually replacing conventional digital PDFs and paper-based documents such as newspaper, magazine, catalogs, flyers, brochures, reports, presentations, and more.

With a MOBI flipbook converter like Visual Paradigm, to create flipbook from PDF is simple and straight forward. Simply upload the MOBI eBook you want to convert, your digital flipbook will be available in seconds.

Enjoy digital reading on a variety of devices, like PC, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets. Audiences do not need to install anything in extra. Just read the flipbooks via any web browsers.

Convert your MOBI eBook to flipbook online in seconds

Go beyond boring eBook. Convert your MOBI eBook to digital flipbook for free.