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Funnel Chart Templates

Funnel charts are commonly used to represent the stages in a process and illustrate the amount or proportion of each stage. It resembles a funnel shape, with a broad head and a narrow neck. The wider parts of the funnel represent higher levels of a process, while the narrower parts represent lower levels.

Funnel charts are commonly used in sales and marketing to visualize a customer's journey through a sales funnel or a marketing funnel. It helps identify areas where the funnel can be improved and where potential customers are dropping off. For example, a sales funnel may represent the stages of prospecting, contacting, meeting, proposing, and closing, with the funnel showing how many prospects enter each stage and how many eventually become customers.

With VP Online chart maker, creating a funnel chart is simple and easy. By inputting the data and editing the chart properties such as colors and labels, we can complete a customize chart in a few steps. Various elements, including photos and graphics, are provided for you to design other parts of your design to match the style and the theme of the chart. Additionally, the chart can be exported in various formats, such as PDF, PNG, and JPG, or shared with others via a generated link or embedded code.

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