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Is drinking coffee good for you? Recent research said that drinking coffee is good for health. It is said that drinking 2-5 cups of coffee can lower the possibility of cancer and heart disease. Yet, we have to drink coffee carefully. Too much drinking of coffee may cause anxiety, and it might bring harm to children. This is a Facebook post template for coffee. This is a simple template design for a coffee shop. In this template, a big image of coffee is designed as the background of a Facebook post. It can clearly show the theme of the coffee design. An icon of coffee is also used to decorate and match the coffee theme. This is a template designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can create graphics easily with hundreds of icons provided. You can select any icons with different categories for design graphics. Besides, Visual Paradigm Online provides various illustrations design for you to edit your designs.

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Facebook Posts Template Specifications:
This Facebook post template can be fully customized. You can edit content, replace image(s), change colors, add or remove design blocks and more.
Dominant Color
940 x 788 px

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