How to Improve 5 Dimensions Emotional Intelligence Infographic

How to Improve 5 Dimensions Emotional Intelligence Infographic

"Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships." - Daniel Goleman

  • Emotion is a wide range of observable behaviors, expressed emotions, and changes in mental and physical state. Feelings, emotions, our likes and dislikes give us meaning in our personal lives, making us happy or unhappy, satisfied or dissatisfied.

  • Intelligence is the ability to acquire and use knowledge and skills.

According to Daniel Gorman, emotional intelligence has five main dimensions.

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  1. Self-Awareness

  2. Self-Regulation

  3. Motivation

  4. Empathy

  5. Social Skills

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How to Improve 5 dimensions emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to understand and manage emotions. Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman have suggested that there are five components of emotional intelligence. Fortunately, you can learn to improve these emotional intelligence skills.

  1. Self-Awareness

    To become self-aware, you must be capable of monitoring your own emotions, recognizing different emotional reactions, and then correctly identifying each particular emotion.

  2. Self-Regulation

    Those who are skilled in self-regulation tend to be flexible and adapt well to change. They are also good at managing conflict and diffusing tense or difficult situations.

  3. Social Skills

    Having strong social skills allows people to build meaningful relationships with other people and develop a stronger understanding of themselves and others.

  4. Empathy

    Being empathetic also allows you to understand the power dynamics that often influence social relationships, especially in workplace settings.

  5. Motivation

    Those who are competent in this area tend to be action-oriented. They set goals, have a high need for achievement, and are always looking for ways to do better.

How to improve self-awareness:

  • Ask for constructive feedback.

  • Keep a journal.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Meditate.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

  • Pursue your passions.

  • Practice mindfulness.

  • Reflect on your experiences.

  • Set goals.

  • Use positive self-talk.

  • Work on building a growth mindset.

How to improve self-regulation:

  • Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

  • Build distress tolerance skills.

  • Find ways to manage difficult emotions.

  • Look at challenges as opportunities.

  • Practice your communication skills.

  • Recognize that you have a choice in how you respond.

  • Work on accepting your emotions.

How to improve social skills:

  • Ask open-ended questions.

  • Find icebreakers that will help start conversations.

  • Notice other people's social skills.

  • Practice good eye contact.

  • Practice your social skills.

  • Practice active listening.

  • Show interest in others.

  • Watch your body language.

How to build empathy:

  • Be willing to share your own feelings.

  • Engage in a cause such as a community project.

  • Listen to other people.

  • Practice loving-kindness meditation.

  • Talk to new people.

  • Try to imagine yourself in someone else's place.

How to improve motivation:

  • Avoid overusing extrinsic rewards.

  • Celebrate your results.

  • Focus on setting small, measurable goals.

  • Introduce challenges to keep things interesting.

  • Set goals to help build intrinsic motivation.

  • Work with a friend or co-worker to find accountability.

By working on and increasing these skills

you can become more emotionally intelligent.

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