Introduction Of Brain Infographic Know Your Brain Infographic

Introduction Of Brain Infographic

Amazing facts about the human brain

If one asks: What is the most complex organ in the human body? As long as the brain is no problem, I am afraid that all people will not hesitate to say: brain! But we may not really know how amazing it is, or even understand it at all!

Here are some amazing facts about our brains that you may not have known:

  1. If you're an adult, your brain weighs about three pounds (1.4 kilograms), is solid jelly-like and textured, and has super computational power. What's even more surprising is its fat content - 60% of the brain is made up of fat.

  2. Your brain develops rapidly in the first year of life, growing twice its original size. But the thrills of life can shrink your brain. After middle age, the actual size of your brain will gradually shrink over time.

  3. A larger brain doesn't mean there's something human. Studies have not found any significant association between the actual size of the brain and high IQ. Overall, the study found a 10 percent correlation between brain size and IQ.

  4. The brain doesn't need anaesthetic during surgery? Although the brain is our organ for detecting pain, it does not have the ability to perceive pain. When a stone hits our heads, the pain comes from our scalps and skulls, and our brains don't feel a trace of pain. So don't be surprised when you see "the brain doesn't need anesthesia during surgery", your head really doesn't hurt at all!

  5. You should be amazed by the brain's ability to perceive the world and generate thought, and memory is just as amazing. Your brain is expected to store 2,500,000 gigabits of information.

Here is the infographic about human brain as shown in the illustration

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