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John Adair's 8 Rules For Motivation Infographic

How to improve the enthusiasm of employees?

Incentive refers to the way in which an organization encourages its employees to do their best. Motivated employees care about the success of the business and work better.


An active workforce leads to:

  • The extra effort of the workers resulted in an increase in output

  • Employees take more pride in their work, which improves the quality

  • Employee retention rates are higher - employees are eager to stay with the company and are reluctant to take unnecessary vacation days

Managers can influence employees' motivation in a number of ways:

  • Monetary factors - Some employees work harder if offered higher wages

  • Non-monetary factors - Other employees respond to incentives that have nothing to do with pay, such as improved working conditions or opportunities for promotion

Want to know more about the factors that motivate employees? The following is an infographic about employee motivation. Click here to edit.


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