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Soft Skills for Students Infographic

Soft skills, also known as non-technical skills, refer to the ability of communication, listening, persuasion, self motivation, influence, team building, etc. Soft skills are a combination of various behaviors, including attitudes and motivations that drive various visual behaviors.

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For a long time, educators hope to equip a new generation of soft skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century. According to an earlier survey conducted by LinkedIn, the five soft skills most needed by job seekers in 2020 are:

#1 Creativity - same as 2019.

#2 Persuasion - same as 2019.

#3 Collaboration - same as 2019.

#4 Adaptability - same as 2019.

#5 Emotional Intelligence - new.

Although emerging technologies such as robots or artificial intelligence are developing rapidly, they still fail to catch up with human beings in soft skills, reflecting that some human values can not be easily replaced by machines.

So how can our younger generation learn different soft skills? Especially before they have set foot in the real society, how can schools provide them with appropriate learning opportunities?

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Soft Skills For Students

6 Skills to help you succeed

  1. Problem Solving

    Do you consider the problem as an interesting opportunity? Problem solvers foresee potential stumbling blocks and take steps to minimize their problems.

  2. Creativity

    Do you have the ability to think outside of the box? Everyone has the ability to think outside the box. Creative thinking skills could help you to look at challenges and issues.

  3. Communication

    Are you a good communicator and a good listener? Communication skills could help you understand others and be better understood by the others.

  4. Time Management

    Are you well-organized person? Having a Good time management skills can help you to do more within a short time that could reduce your stress and achieve work-life balance.

  5. Stress Management

    Are you able to recognize your stress? If you can handle the stress you can crack the grip that stress has on your life. And you could be happier.

  6. Teamwork

    Are you a good team player who enjoys working with others? Leadership is essential on team work. The more you worked as a team the better your work will be in schools or work.

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