The 4 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence Infographic

The 4 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence Infographic

In recent years, emotional intelligence has become a hot topic. There is ample evidence that emotional intelligence has an important impact on job performance. A higher level of emotional intelligence seems to increase work efficiency and improve physical and mental health.

4 Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has four dimensions: two have to do with how we manage ourselves, and two have to do with how we manage relationships. Splicing the model in another way,

  • 2 dimensions have to do with cognition or consciousness

  • 2 dimensions have to do with what we do

Want to know more about emotional intelligence? The infographic below gives you more information about the 4 dimensions of emotional intelligence. Click here to edit.


In short, how we manage ourselves or our relationships. Now, let's create a concise infographic to summarize the concepts of emotional intelligence.

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