Global Whiskey Celebration Instagram Post

Global Whiskey Celebration Instagram Post

Do you know how to make whiskey? The best way to make whiskey is in a pot still. It has been used for hundreds of years and is the most efficient way to distill alcohol. The only problem with this method is it takes a long time, usually around 10 hours or more. That’s why they call it “slow” distillation.

Here is an Instagram post created for Whiskey Day, a global whiskey celebration. As the topic of the design is so direct and simple, there are just several elements on the design, including the cup and bottle of whiskey, a divider and also the title. Color tone of the design is brown, make the design be vintage, which fit the long history of whiskey. We can edit the composition and also the elements on the design as we like by the design tool of Visual Paradigm Online. It means that, we can edit the text, replace the graphic on the design and also change the color of it. Feel free to add any elements you like to it and create a unique design!

Not sure whether it is the best design for you? Visit VP Online template library and read more designs about whiskey. Pick the one you like and start your creation!

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Global Whiskey Celebration

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