Violet Gradient Illustrations GE McKinsey Matrix Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis template: Violet Gradient Illustrations GE McKinsey Matrix Strategic Analysis (Created by InfoART's Strategic Analysis maker) Professional Illustrative GE McKinsey Matrix Analysis Design

What is the General Electric Matrix?

The "Boston Matrix" has become one of the most important analysis tools in the consulting industry, but it has also been criticized by many people. Some people feel that the four quadrants of the Boston matrix "cash cows, stars, problems, and thin dogs" are too simple, and the two-dimensional "relative market share, market growth rate" is too rough. And this was why the general electric matrix came from.

What is the Differences between BCG matrix and General Electric Matrix?

The GE matrix (also known as GE McKinsey Grid) was developed by McKinsey & Company Consulting in the 1970s. Like the BCG matrix, the GE/McKinsey matrix now helps companies make investment and divestment decisions related to their business units. But unlike a BCG matrix with four cells, it has nine. It uses industry attractiveness and business unit strength as the criteria for its measurements.

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