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Identify And Shape Your Leadership Style Infographic

When it comes to leading employees, many managers with traditional thinking believe that they can lead because they have power and status. This is leadership from above, and now we have to build a new kind of leadership called servant leadership (also known as collaborative leadership)

The best leadership is based on servant leadership.

  • What is servant leadership?

  • How is it different from traditional leadership?

What is Servant (collaborative) Leadership?

As the name implies, the servant leader serves his employees by focusing on their growth and well-being. While most traditional leaders focus on accumulating and exercising their own power, servant leaders share power with their employees. They believe they can help their teams succeed by helping their employees develop and perform to their maximum capacity.


Traditional vs Collaborative Leadership

  • The collaborative leaders focus on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.

  • The traditional form of leadership is usually a person at the top of the pyramid to accumulate and exercise power.

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