Orange Photos Grids Brunch Menu Orange Photos Grids Brunch Menu

Orange Photos Grids Brunch Menu

If you are looking for a cool brunch menu design that can show the photos of your dishes, this is a cool design for you. This design features an orange color theme, with some photos of your dishes on the left. The menu items and pricing are placed on the right, in white color. Customization of this template to reflect your brand is easy with InfoART's easy menu maker. You can replace the photos and log, edit the text, change colors and fonts, and more -- all in a few clicks. Then print as a PDF or share it in your social media accounts.

Not sure if it's the right menu for you? Explore the VP Online library for an extensive collection of customizable menu templates!

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メニュー Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px

Brunch Menu

  • Hotdogs $15

  • Tomato Soup $15

  • Pancakes $15

  • Egg Crepes $17

  • Sandwiches $17

  • Caesar Salad $18

  • Omelette $20

  • Toast $20