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Annual Art Exhibition Poster

The crowded streets are breathless. Do you want to break the rhythm of your busy life? It's best to see works of art in your spare time. Maybe you can find peace of mind in paintings and sculptures.

The Benefits of Learning Art for Children

In western countries, parents are quite happy with children's access to art, and many studies have pointed out that art can enhance children's resilience and determination and help them master complex skills. When children are young, art education can help them improve their collaboration ability, creativity, and even encourage them to ask questions. As they age, the ability of art educated children to perform will be improved, which will help them to effectively accomplish the tasks they perform.

In Asia, most parents think that it is not important to study art. Children should focus on learning "Practical Courses" to facilitate future employment. But in the west, many companies prefer to hire employees with artistic background because they think such employees are more creative.

Infographic template: The Benefits of Learning Art for Children (Created by InfoART's Infographic maker)

(Infographic about benefits of learning for children, edit now.)

Art vs Craft

The concept of artwork is different from the concept of craftsmanship. Artworks are considered unique and non-replicable works whose purpose is strictly aesthetics rather than utilitarianism. In this sense, the name of the author or artist is very important. For example, the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci. Graft man works are thought to be replicable and associated with everyday functions. For example, woven or handmade ceramic pieces.

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DEC 28-31 2020


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