Activity Diagram Example: Relationships between Activates and Business Entities


Besides areas of responsibilities and specific activities, business activity diagrams can also show business entities being manipulated in the activities. Here is an activity diagram for this purpose. This diagram shows the business entities (aProposal, a Quote, aPlan) and their states (created/complete).

Draw your activity diagram by using this one as a starting point. Simply Click Use this Template to edit, or click Create Blank to draw from scratch.

What is Activity Diagram?

Activity Diagrams describe how activities are coordinated to provide a service. Activity Diagrams consist of activities, states and transitions between activities and states. You can use activity diagram to model the logic of a single use case, or even how to coordinate a collection of use cases for the entire targeted system being developed. For example, to model how the events in a single use case relate to one another - in particular, use cases where activities may overlap and require coordination.

Purpose of Activity Diagram

You can use an activity diagram for many purposes and here is some examples:

  • To describe a business process or a flow of work between users and your system. For more information.
  • To describe the steps performed in a use case.
  • To describe a method, function or operation in software. For more information.

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