Activity Diagram Example: Swimlane for Order Fulfilment

The best way to understand Activity Diagram is to look at some examples of Activity Diagram and start drawing your own. You can now modify the Activity Diagram example below using Visual Paradigm's online Activity Diagram tool.

What is Activity Diagram?

Activity diagrams, one of behavioral UML diagrams, are used to graphically represent workflows. They describe the sequential or concurrent flows of activities in the system. Activity diagram displays a sequence of activities, beginning from the starting point of the activity until the finishing point, by describing in detailed the decisions along the progress of the events in the activities and the overall flow of control. The simplicity of activity diagram and the ease of understanding, enables it to find applicability in a variety of modeling cases such as, business process modeling, program logic or use case scenarios.

Guidelines for creating Activity Diagrams

  • Minimize the number of crossings links or relationship among activities.
  • Reorganize larger diagrams into several smaller ones. It is often easier to have several diagrams on various levels of detail than a single complex one.
  • Use swimlanes to model responsibility of stakeholders, function of department or service provided by operational units.
  • It can be used to elaborate the logic of an entity in UML, such as, a use case, function or orchestration of several use cases and etc.

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