ArchiMate Diagram Example: Influence


This ArchiMate diagram illustrates the use of the influence relationship for making a trade-off between the two requirements that realize the goal Improve portfolio management. The goal Increase customer satisfaction and the principle Systems should be customer facing are used as trade-off criteria. Both requirements positively influence the intended increase of customer satisfaction. The requirement of using a personal assistant scores a little better for this criterion. However, the requirement scores a lot worse for the customer-facing criterion.

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What is ArchiMate Diagram?

ArchiMate is a popular open standard from the Open Group related to enterprise architecture modeling which includes simply and yet powerful visual notation to support descriptions, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across the enterprise architecture domains. With this integrated representation convention, ArchiMate helps evaluate the impact of changes within multiple architecture domains and enables different stakeholders to communicate the enterprise architecture being developed effectively and with ease.

Why ArchiMate?

ArchiMate provides the capability for integrating different business domains (business, application, technology) using a set of lean notation. ArchiMate is an architecture language and visualization techniques that picture these domains and their relations. ArchiMate provides the architect with instruments that support and improve the architecture process. Furthermore, it is easy to learn and understand by both technical and business stakeholders.

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