ArchiMate Diagram Example: Motivation


This ArchiMate diagram models the motivation aspect of a project. It relates stakeholders, their primary goals, the principles that are applied, and the main requirements on services, processes, applications, and objects.

You can edit this ArchiMate template. Click Use this Template to start. Add and remove ArchiMate shapes to reflect your own organization.

What is ArchiMate Diagram?

The ArchiMate is a visual modeling language and will known open standard for describing business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure. ArchiMate 3 consists of the core layers, and as well as the new extensions for modeling the motivations for the architecture, and its implementation and migration planning. ArchiMate 3 updated with the new notations for representing the strategic aspects of an enterprise, covering the important business and IT alignment challenges that companies face today.

Unleash the Power of ArchiMate with TOGAF ADM

The ArchiMate language consists of the core layers, which includes the Business, Application, and Technology Layers, along with elements to model the strategy and motivation underlying an architecture, as well as its implementation and migration; perfectly match and simplified the mapping of the ArchiMate language with TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) content framework. Our TOGAF Guide-Through Process automate the entire EA process with step-by-step instructions for developing deliverables using ArchiMate and other visual models easily and effectively.

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