Mind Map Diagram Example: Stakeholder Analysis


If you need a tool for stakeholder analysis, you may find mind map very useful. Take a look at this mind map example for stakeholder analysis. It provides several dimensions in organizing stakeholders. First, the creation of mind map branches provide a general grouping of stakeholders (e.g. support team, customer, project leader, etc). Secondly, the use of legend (bottom right of the mind map diagram) allows categorizing stakeholders based on the kind of influence and impact they have on the project. Although mind map looks simple, it is so powerful when it comes to organization and structuring information, just like what you see from this mind map diagram.

What is Mind Map?

Mind maps can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance. A mind map is a diagram used to represent words and ideas linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is a graphical means of taking or making notes that represents connections between portions of information. It is used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas. Mind maps have many applications in personal, educational, and business situations, including note taking, brainstorming, summarizing, organizing, problem solving, writing, revising, studying, and general clarifying of thoughts.

What's so great about Mind Map?

  1. A Mind Map is creative tool that can help an improvement team to design solutions to existing problems, create a new process, create a new service, or explore and develop objectives for a strategic goal.
  2. A Mind Map helps an improvement team to think outside the box in a non-linear fashion and determine how things are connected to the issue at hand.
  3. Mind Mapping is a very intuitive way to organize your thoughts, since mind maps mimic the way our brains think; bouncing ideas off of each other, rather than thinking linearly

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