Mind Map Diagram Example: SWOT Analysis 2


SWOT Analysis is a popular strategic analysis tool that helps you examine your business in finding out its strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities. Here is a mind map for SWOT Analysis. It shows each of the S, W, O and T as 4 distinct branches. Sub-branches are created under the 4 branches in listing out the individual items of SWOT.

Use this SWOT template to perform SWOT Analysis. You can add more items or remove those you don't need from the mind map.

What is Mind Map?

Mind mapping involves writing down a central idea and thinking up new and related ideas which radiate out from the center. By focusing on key ideas written down in your own words, and then looking for branches to and connections between the ideas, you are mapping knowledge in a manner which will help you understand and remember new information.

Benefits of mind map

The benefits of mind mapping are many and varied. In summary they include:

  • Create a mind maps is fun and interesting process
  • Permits users to highlight and review key points easily and quickly in visual representation
  • Facilitate recall, as the mapping of ideas mirrors the way the brain works
  • Provide a more attractive and enjoyable to look up and remember.

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