Venn Diagram Example: Dream Jobs


This is a Venn diagram example for job. It lists a variety of job types as two sets "My Expertise" and "My Wish". The overlapping region of the two contains the job types being considered as 'dream jobs'. As you can see, a Venn diagram provides a very convenient and tidy way in expressing the relationships between two or more data set.

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What is Venn Diagram?

Venn diagram (also called set diagram) represents logical sets pictorially as circles, common elements of the sets being represented by intersections of the circles. This type of diagram is used in scientific and engineering presentations, in theoretical mathematics, in computer applications, and in statistics. Venn diagrams can also be utilized as a visual representation of the concepts and their association with each other. Venn diagrams use circles to represent ideas and to illustrate the relationship between the ideas. The area where the circles overlap represents commonality between the ideas, and the areas that do not overlap represent dissimilar ideas. Venn diagrams can be useful while brainstorming topics as a way to organize ideas as well as to determine the similarities and differences between them.

Guideline for creating Venn Diagrams

  • Venn diagrams are most useful for showing relationships between two or more topics or things. The topics must be in some way related or comparable or they are not suitable for a Venn diagram model.
  • A Venn diagram is primarily a visual model, it does not necessarily replace note taking, and it is often not suitable for very large amounts of information.
  • Don't be afraid to think outside the circles. The space outside both circles is for that other topic that for one reason or another does not fit into either circle.

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