Create Beautiful Rose Chart in Minutes

Avec Visual Paradigm Online, vous pouvez créer un graphique de roses visuellement époustouflant en quelques clics seulement.

Saisissez facilement des données dans votre graphique en rose

Easily create a rose chart with your data. Simply edit the chart data through the spreadsheet editor - Just replace the values by typing in your own data set. The column chart will be updated instantly to reflect every little change you made.

Customize colors and fonts with ease

Select the color you want for the series of a rose chart. You can also resize and scale the chart as you like. All this can be done in few clicks.

Personnaliser les couleurs et les polices avec facilité

Create rose chart with proper size & scale

You can easily scale and resize your rose chart by dragging on its edges or corners. Chart content will automatically adjust to fit the new dimension. This ensures that your chart will fit into your reports, presentations or other publications well.

Créez une carte des roses avec la bonne taille

Online, collaboratively rose chart maker

Teamwork is straightforward with Visual Paradigm Online because everything is done and stored on the cloud. Simply invite your teammates to join your workspace and start creating charts and other diagrams online, from anywhere, at any time.

Créer un graphique rose en collaboration

Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart

Automatically form a chart from data entered in your Google Sheet. With auto refresh, changes you made in the sheet will reflect in the chart automatically, keeping your work consistent.

Turn your Google Sheet data into beautiful chart

Beaucoup plus qu'un éditeur de graphique