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With the invention of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, today's conventional farming methods have made extensive use of these chemicals. Although these things can produce rapid results, but they are harmful to human health, pollute the environment, disturb the ecology, and increase soil erosion, soil fertility continued to decline.

In addition, the current research on genetically modified organisms has not yet reached a mature stage, and there are still many controversial areas. At present, some genetically modified organisms have been found to be potentially harmful to human health and ecological environment. With consumer concerns about the environment and health, the demand for organic products is increasing.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is an agricultural practice in which producers produce, treat and process in a manner that respects the environment. In practice, organic producers do their best to avoid the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, including chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and animal drugs.

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They also refuse to use genetically modified seeds or materials containing genetically modified materials, thus ensuring food safety. Organic producers try to conserve the soil and farm environment to improve the long-term productivity of the soil, balance beneficial and harmful organisms, avoid pests and diseases, and grow healthy crops.

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What is organic farming?


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