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Infographic About Soft Skills And Hard Skills

The main difference between hard skills and soft skills is how they are acquired and used.

  • Hard skills are usually acquired through education or special training. They include capabilities such as how to use specific devices, software, or other tools.

  • Soft skills are usually regarded as personality traits that people develop all their lives. For example, soft skills are needed when communicating with others.

In other words, hard skills can be defined as your technical knowledge, while soft skills are the behavioral characteristics in the workplace.

Every job requires a fine balance between hard skills and soft skills. While hard and soft skills are equally important, different careers require different kinds of skills.

  • For IT workers, for example, companies may value their programming and computer skills more than their interpersonal skills, especially since most IT workers work alone.

  • Others, such as sales or human resources positions, value soft skills more than hard skills, which require better communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.

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