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Stories Of NIKE Infographic

Those who tell the stories rule society.” - Plato

Storytelling is a powerful tool and an important carrier of corporate culture. Generally speaking, this story comes from the employee's work and life. It is simple and vivid accompanied by a conscious description and guidance, has considerable appeal and penetrating power. It spreads through formal and informal channels. The impact is big and fast.

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The essence of a business story is to explain how a business product or service meets the needs and desires of its target audience. The following questions should be answered first:

  • where does the story come from,

  • what are the elements of the story,

  • who tells the story,

  • how to tell the story, and

  • what is the point of the story.

Different types of Corporate Stories

  • Strategic vision story: facing management and audiences at different levels inside and outside the company, telling the company's strategy and policy to gain recognition and acceptance

  • Brand story: The company talks about its own brand by establishing emotional connections with people.

  • Product story: explain why a certain product makes life better

  • Recruitment story: If a brand story is told around a certain organization, then the recruitment department and the recruitment of the best talent should have a corresponding story

  • Success stories: For example, case studies and white papers that prove your company’s products or services.

Companies can never tell stories that justify their faults. If you do something wrong, the company needs to be prepared to solve the problem frankly and then look forward.

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NIKE was co-founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman at 1964

Just do it

Just do it is among the most popular taglines in the world. In just three words this simple tagline empowers athletes everywhere to stop overthinking and just take the first step. That’s all there is to it. Why? Because if you have a body, you are an athlete.

NIKE Still on Top of the Sneaker World

Worldwide footwear sales of selected sports brands

How is NIKE today?

Nike operates a total of 1,096 retail stores 

  1. Nike Community Impact Fund

    supports grassroots organizations in communities within the United States and Europe.

  2. Nike School Innovation Fun

    Partners with school leaders in Oregon to increase the number of students who graduate and to prepare students for college and careers.

  3. Nike N7

    Nike N7 creates positive change for the next generation of Native American and Aboriginal youth by getting kids active.

  4. Nike Community Ambassadors

    Nike Community Impact Fund supports grassroots organizations in communities within the United States and Europe.

  5. Largest Shoe Manufacturer

    The world’s largest athletic shoe manufacturer with an estimated market share of  28% and EURO35 billion in revenue for 2019.

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