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Video Streaming Industry Growth Infographic

The global market for online streaming platforms will continue to expand, according to Transparent Market Research. The global market for online streaming platforms is expected to be worth $22 billion by the end of 2030. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% during the year-over-year forecast period. The emergence and adoption of 5G technology, which further facilitates the delivery of high-definition content, is also driving the continued growth and maturity of the online streaming media market.

What is Media Streaming?

Streaming media refers to the multimedia sent and consumed from one source in a continuous way, with little or no intermediate storage in the network elements. Streaming media refers to the transmission of content, not the content itself.

Streaming media has penetrated into people's lives. On the Internet, streaming media is a kind of media that distribute audio and video multimedia content in the form of data stream. It uses "stream" as its main technical function, which, as the name implies, allows data to flow like water.

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The emergence of streaming media is like the emergence of tap water, which greatly facilitates people's work and life. In addition, streaming media has been widely used in video on demand, online broadcasting, online video messaging, live streaming, remote medical treatment and instant video conferencing.

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Internet users are watching more shows and films on streaming services due to Covid-19

Due to lockdown Internet users are spending their time on streaming devices and platforms


  1. Connectivity

    connectivity issues; for individuals it may have delay

  2. Poor Quality

    latency and bandwidth issues which may result in poor quality video;

  3. Traffic

    a surge in internet traffic;

  4. Data Loss

    data loss due to buffering;

  5. Disparity

    the disparity among software systems;

  6. Availability

    easy availability of pirated data;

  7. Financial

    loss of personal and financial details.

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