Handmade Workshop Poster

Handmade Workshop Poster

Handicraft refers to the process of making things by hand, purely by hand, using simple tools, usually related to art, requiring skill, proficiency, and a certain degree of beauty. The media may include weaving, pottery, paper, embroidery, wood, and others.

YouTube Channel Art template: Handmade Workshop YouTube Channel Art (Created by InfoART's YouTube Channel Art maker)

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Handicraft is different from the mass production of mechanical manufacturing, usually through a certain artistic conception, in the way of manual workshop processing. The products that are made are often called handmade or handicrafts. "Handicrafts" generally carry the cultural traditions of their own nations. When contemporary artists make "handicrafts", they often add modern art elements.

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Dry Flower Workshop.Handmake

May 15 2021 3pm to 6pm

(852) 2551 3362

123 street name NY 10011 Mong Kok


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