Pressure Converter

This pressure converter enables you to quickly and easily switch between units used in measuring pressure. The three available units supported by this pressure converter are:. Pascal, Atmosphere and mm of Mercury. Besides the pressure unit conversion tool, this page also provides you with information about pressure conversions and the background of various pressure units.

List of pressure units

Our pressure converter supported the most popular pressure units as listed below:

  • Pascal (Pa)
  • Atmosphere (atm)
  • mm of Mercury (mmHg)

Pressure conversions

The pressure conversion formulas below show you how various pressure units can be converted into pascals:

  • 1 atmosphere  [atm] = 101325 pascal [Pa]
  • 1 mm of Mercury [mmHg] = 133.322 pascal [Pa]

Pressure conversion table

The table below shows the conversion factors between the popular pressure units.

Pa atm mmHg
1 Pa 1 9.86923E-06 0.007500638
1 atm 101325 1 760.0021002
1 mmHg 133.322 0.001315786 1

How to use the pressure calculator?

To perform a pressure conversion, walk through the steps below:

  1. Enter the source value into the box at the top left.
  2. Select the unit of the source.
  3. Select the unit of the target.
  4. The pressure conversion is automatically performed and the result is displayed at the right-hand side.

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