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4 Dimension Emotional Intelligence Infographic

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Emotional Intelligence or what is commonly referred to as EQ has been claimed to be the key to success in life! It has been argued by some people that EQ the ‘emotion quotient’ is even more important than the somewhat less controversial ‘intelligence quotient’ or IQ.

Building Your Emotional Skills


You demonstrate Self Awareness when you’re conscious of your own feelings and your thoughts about them.

Self Management

When you're in the middle of a crisis you want the good boss to come to work and exert control over the bad boss

Social Awareness

All the ways in which this crisis impacts the business people and systems involved in correcting the problem.

Social Skills

When crisis strikes it is essential to manage many relationships among many people.


  1. Ask Others

    Ask for constructive feedback from others to enable growth in knowledge 

  2. Assessment

    Undertake an emotional intelligence assessment and one-to-one feedback 

  3. Coaching

    Get a coach or engage in a coaching partnership to help you work on and improve your skills gaps

  4. Breath & Relax

    Practice deep breathing and other relaxing exercises to keep a clear mind

  5. Listen

    Actively listen to others stepping back in order to observe in an objective manner

  6. Your Trigger

    Learn what triggers are and how they can impact your emotions

Build Your Knowledge Then Use It

How you choose to think feel and act in relation to life’s challenges will often impact your health and wellbeing as well as your mindset. By tapping into your emotional intelligence you can learn from difficult situations and better prepare yourself for future challenges.


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